Japanese Royal fans amazed at how ‘rude’ Sussexes are to the Queen, says expert

Japanese fans of the royal family can't believe how rude Harry and Meghan are to the Queen, a royal expert said.

Angela Levin claimed she has been told by people in the East Asia country that no one would dare disrespect the country's royal family like the Sussexes do.

Ms Levin wrote in a Substack newsletter: "Japan is fascinated by our Royal Family.

"Every few weeks I am asked by one of their TV channels to update them on what is happening in the UK.

"Their key interest at the moment is Harry and Meghan and who can blame them.

"They can’t quite believe their behaviour towards the senior royals is so, well, rude. No one would behave like that to their royal family they tell me."

Ms Levin has repeatedly lambasted the Sussexes' treatment of the Queen, accusing Harry of jealousy toward William and Meghan of trying to create her own "alternative woke" royal family.

Japan's monarchs often retire, but Ms Levin explained this does not happen in the UK.

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She added: "The Queen wants to abide by her promise to the nation that she gave in her early twenties that she would serve until she dies."

The Prince Harry biographer also made an off-colour comment mocking Japanese journalists' pronunciations of British royals.

She wrote: "After a while I got the gist that ‘Aurwee’ was Harry which was a great help."

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Japan's monarchy is thought to be the oldest in the world, dating back almost 1,500 years.

Princess Mako has been embroiled in controversy over the past few weeks after announcing plans to marry a commoner.

She is willing to give up her royal title and £730,000 to marry university sweetheart Kei Komuro.

Under Japan's males-only royal succession law, female members of the imperial family lose their status on marrying commoners.

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