Kangaroo attack ‘left woman’s calves hanging off’ after she tried to help joey

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    A woman had a kangaroo pin her to the ground while she was trying to free its baby from the wired fence.

    Melanie Stubbs, from Adelaide in Australia, was hiking with friends in the Megalong Valley in December when they spotted a joey hanging from the fence by its back legs.

    In the video taken by one of her friends, they notice the mother kangaroo was nearby at the other side of the fence.

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    They got close to the joey and said: "We're trying to help your baby!"

    But the marsupial made a growling noise and hopped towards Melanie as her friend shouted: "She's coming! Watch out!"

    The mother kangaroo made its way to Melanie by crawling underneath the fence, taking her by surprise. She slipped while trying to run away.

    The 58-year-old was pinned down by the angry mother and when she got up again she realised her "calf muscles hanging off" her leg.

    Doctors said the kangaroo had cut Melanie's calf right through to her bone and she had to walk with crutches.

    After a three-month recovery, she told 9News that the incident left her with a fear of kangaroos.

    She shared: "We were, I guess it's mother's instinct, just trying to help the baby.

    "It was frightening then I remembered being on my back, on my tummy trying to crawl away.

    "I can feel it pounding on my back. I have a backpack on so it kind of saved my back a little.

    "I've got a few friends saying 'you're lucky it didn't get you in a major spot' because we were out in the nowhere as well.

    "I grew up in Australia and I didn't know kangaroo would attack. Plus she was on the other side of the fence, so we kind of had a false sense of security.

    "We thought, if anything, it's gonna hop over. I had no idea that she was going to come under the fence and come at me."


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