Killer cop Wayne Couzens brought prostitute to meet Met colleagues at party

Killer cop Wayne Couzens reportedly hired a prostitute to join him at a bash for a Met police colleague and was “open” about revealing it to them.

According to reports from The Sun, colleagues were shocked Couzens had not come with his wife and instead turned up to the colleague's wedding anniversary with a woman dressed “really over the top”.

Sarah Everard’s killer even had an eastern European escort turn up at the police station, demanding he paid her.

Colleagues at the Met had to call Couzens back in from patrol as they watched him go to a cashpoint before he admitted to them the woman was a prostitute.

A source told The Sun regarding the cashpoint visit: “This woman wouldn’t leave until she spoke with him.

“When he came back from the ATM he said she was Eastern European and that he couldn’t be messing around with her or the people looking after her.”

Another source spoke regarding the anniversary party at the Hilton in Maidstone, Kent, and said: “We knew Wayne was married and expected him to turn up with his wife. Instead jaws dropped when he showed up with this woman dressed really over the top.

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“He was quite open about her being an escort. He said ‘My wife can’t make it so I’ve brought this brass with me.’"

The source described Couzens as giving them “the creeps' and mentioned seeing Couzens laughing near the toilets before saying 'You know how it is, sometimes you have to pay for it.’.

The new revelation about Sarah Everard’s killer will continue to mount pressure on Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick as to how Couzens' behaviour was allowed to continue.

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Couzens was also reported to have flashed at a McDonald’s three days before kidnapping 33-year-old Sarah.

He was given a whole life sentence in jail for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah earlier this week.

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