Killer prostitute begs judge to move her to low-security prison with dogs

A prostitute who fatally drugged four men has begged a judge to move her to a dog friendly prison so she can pursue a better career.

Angelina Barini made the desperate plea just a day after she was slapped with a 30-year prison sentence to Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, which is known for housing paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell.

On Tuesday (April 26), the 43-year-old was sentenced after pleading guilty to drugging and killing two men. Prosecutors say she is behind the death of two more people.

She admitted in court to distributing fentanyl and the "date rape" drug GBL, in the hopes that the two men would lose consciousness so she could rob them but they both died.

Barini's attorney requested if she could be moved to a low-security Federal women's prison in Waseca, Minnesota so she can learn to train dogs with organisation Can Do Canines.

The company website states that staff teach inmate handlers "empathy, confidence and patience" and also helps give "the handlers a purpose".

"At the same time, the dogs are well-cared for and receive round-the-clock attention and training," the site added.

Federal defender Michael Weil wrote to Judge Brian Cogan and said: "The defendant writes to request the Court recommend the defendant be designated to FCI Wase[c]a, to the extent consistent with the Bureau of Prison’s security and other administrative concerns.

"The facility is closer to the defendant’s family in Canada than many of those housing female inmates, and has various programs, including one involving dog training, in which she would like to participate."

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The judge is yet to make a decision, reports Daily Mail.

Prosecutor Breon Peace commended the 30-year sentence and said in a statement: "The defendant drugged and killed multiple people for a few quick dollars.

"She stole their personal belongings while they lay unconscious dying from the lethal drugs she gave them.

"The defendant's substantial prison sentence is warranted by her shocking disregard for human life."

Barini's older sister, Sally, confirmed her sister was planning to appeal the "harsh" sentence and said the victims "weren't saints".

She told New York Post: "They went with her. They wanted to party and they wanted to do drugs with her and have sex.

"It wasn't like she put a gun to somebody's head and forced them to go with her."

One of Barini's victims was found dead a day after she met up with him on July 4, 2019, at a motel in Astoria, Oregon, and gave him fentanyl-laced drugs.

According to investigators, something similar took place on July 11 and again to a 60-year-old victim on August 5.

It has been reported that one of her victims was Andrea Zamperoni, 33, who was a chef at New York's Cipriano Dolci.

Prosecutors said on August 18, 2019, Barini met up with him and drugged him with GBL. His body was found three days later at a garbage bin.

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