Lightning tracker LIVE: Thunderstorms hit UK as torrential rain causes chaos

UK Weather: Strong winds and heavy rain forecast

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London and Surrey are experiencing lightning storms every 41 to 50minutes.’s latest lightning tracker shows Winchester, Canterbury and Portsmouth are experiencing storms every 51 to 60minutes.

According to the latest WX Charts, around 41mm of rain is expected to fall across Wales – and up through Manchester and Newcastle overnight.

The wet weather is expected to get worse through Wednesday with 46mm of rain is expected to fall in these regions.

By Thursday, forecasts turn blue with 65mm of rain is predicted in Scotland, Wales and Manchester.

Based on latest warnings, it is 32 percent likely for storms on Friday as wet weather continues to batter the country.

Those looking for a break from the miserable weather will be disappointed.

The weekend will see around 88mm of rain falling in the north of Wales and Manchester, as well as London and the south east.

By Sunday, a staggering 127mm of rain is predicted to hit the entire country as charts turn red as the rain arrives.

WX Charts show the weather will continue to get wetter and wetter with at least 206mm of rain expected to fall by October 14.

Despite the wet weather, temperatures are expected to be normal for this time of year, rising to the maximum 19C on October 1.

But the far north of Scotland could see temperatures plummet between “five and ten degrees lower” than they were at the weekend.

While there are no lightning warnings currently issued by the Met Office, BBC Weather has indicated torrential rain could cause flooded roads.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast today, Carol Kirkwood explained most of the UK will see heavy rain today with the very southeast of England experiencing downpours late in the day.

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She told the programme: “Today is once again going to be fairly blustery.

“Although I must say by the time we get to the afternoon the winds will be easing a touch across Scotland and also Northern Ireland but there is rain on the cards.

“Now what’s happening [on Tuesday] morning is some of us are starting off with a bright start with some sunshine.

“We’ve got showers across the south of England also across western Scotland, Northern Ireland.

“And then more persistent and heavy rain coming in across Wales and southwest England will push eastward and northward, getting into southeastern parts of Scotland.”

Tomorrow will see highs of 18C in Norwich, 17C in London, 15C in Birmingham and 14C in Aberdeen.

She concluded: “As we go through Tuesday night that rain eventually pushes over towards the east.

“That ridge of low pressure will settle down and result in a few showers in the west.”

Heavy rain expected to hit the UK tonight

According to the Met Office, heavy rain clearing slowly eastwards, though persisting until morning across parts of eastern England and also Shetland.

Clear spells elsewhere, though showers affecting western parts, some heavy. Breezy for many.

By tomorrow, the rain will be clearing in eastern England and then most parts seeing sunny spells.

A scattering of showers also likely, these in the northwest at first then across central parts later.

For Thursday to Saturday, the weather will remained unsettled with showers or longer spells of rain.

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