London family talks Disney trip cancellation with coronavirus on the rise

Better safe than sorry is how one London family feels after cancelling its trip to Disney World last minute in light of growing COVID-19 concerns.

Stewart Blair tells Global News it wasn’t an easy decision for him and his wife to cancel their family’s trip to Disney with four-year-old twin girls eager to meet Anna and Elsa and a nine-year-old son excited for Star Wars.

Blair and his family were planning to drive down to Detroit and fly to Orlando, Fla., next week but decided to pull the plug on the vacation Monday night.

“Having seen the confusing response from the (U.S.) government, it did not fill us with confidence,” he said.

“We are not concerned about the state of people in Florida at the moment, but a week or two weeks ago, there were only a few cases in Italy and we just saw how fast it spread.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 423 cases of the new coronavirus in the United States and 19 cases in Florida.

As of Tuesday, the virus has infected more than 110,000 people on a global scale, with 423 reported cases in the United States and 77 confirmed cases in Canada.

Blair said right now he and his wife are using an “abundance of caution,” especially since they have elderly grandparents and newborn babies to think about.

When it came to cancelling, Blair said everyone from their hotel in Detroit to the airline and Disney was very understanding.

“The airline was great; they gave us credit, and it seems that everyone has special accommodations in place.”

He said both the airline and Disney World had been sending them updates on the new coronavirus and ways to stay safe in the lead up to their vacation.

In light of COVID-19 concerns, Disney has also changed its vacation policies, allowing travellers to cancel vacations for a full refund, which Blair said was an easy process.

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