Lottery winners who scooped £12.4m on EuroMillions hand cheques to 30 pals

A generous lottery winning couple who scooped £12.4million on the EuroMillions handed out some of the huge windfall to 30 of their friends and family.

Sharon and Nigel Mather from Sale, Greater Manchester, won the life-changing sum of money as they returned from holiday after buying the winning ticket while they were away.

The couple decided to give their loved ones money by handing a chosen number of them all cheques.

Sharon, 50, and Nigel, 55, first decided to not go public with the win but changed their minds because they did not want to lie to their pals and relatives, the Sun reports.

The couple even gave money to people they had only just met with the operation to hand the cheques out described as liked something out of the “Secret Millionaire”.

The Secret Millionaire was a reality show which saw a millionaire secretly pump money into communities to improve them.

"It wasn’t about showing off,” said Sharon, speaking to Manchester Evening News.

"It was about helping the people close to us and not lying.

"My husband used to be a hotel manager and he made a spreadsheet and went round to about 30 friends and family’s houses and it was almost like Secret Millionaire.”

Each cheque the couple gave out contained a message from Nigel telling people not to look at it in reflection of the amount they had won but “just think of what difference that money will make to you.'”

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The message also explained how the couple needed to look after themselves and their two children but made the donations to friends and family because they wanted to make a difference in many lives.

One of their biggest donations the couple made was to Manchester’s Francis House Hospice, which was an organisation close to their hearts following the death of their niece at the age of 18.

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The couple still continue to support various organisations and recently helped bring joy to a 104-year-old war veteran.

Tom Beevers, who served in the Desert Rats during the Second World War, was greeted at his home in Maghull, Merseyside by Sharon and Nigel earlier this month.

The couple gave him a hamper for Christmas and he was entertained by the LMA Choir, who sang Mr Beevers’ favourite carol, Silent Night.

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When Sharon first noticed they had won the EuroMillions, Nigel was at the supermarket when she told him to come home with him believing something had happened to their kids or her father.

She said: “"It was surreal.

"It was like you had come out of your body and looking down."

They celebrated by having three bottles of Magners and a Chinese takeaway which they could not eat due to the news.

The first purchase they made was a bungalow for Sharon’s dad.

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