Loving dog rescues his favourite pet fish after cat tries to kill it

A golden retriever has melted hearts over the internet for coming to the rescue of his pet fish after a cat picked it out of the water.

Four-year-old dog Summer is very protective of his fish friends and always looks after them when they are in danger.

In viral footage posted on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, his 21-year-old owner calls out to Summer when the cat steals a fish from a shallow bowl.

While the curious moggie is sniffing on the dying fish, the owner yells: "Summer! The cat has grabbed your fish out of water!

"Summer, come look at your fish!"

The adorable pooch quickly rushes to the balcony and checks on the fish bowl to see one fish missing.

He then moves over to the cat and stops it from killing the dying fish.

Summer gently places the fish into his mouth before carefully dropping it back into the water.

To ensure the fish is safe and sound, the furry boy safeguards the bowl and checks on his pet.

Summer even places his nose in the water and makes bubbles as the owner jokingly said: "He's pumping oxygen in the water for the fish."

The clip has garnered more than 2.4 million views and animal lovers called it a "heartwarming scene" to watch.

One dog owner commented: "That is so sweet, the dog makes air bubbles for the fish!"

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  • Another wrote: "I skipped a beat when Summer put the fish in his mouth. It melted my heart when he 'pumped' oxygen to the fish."

    The owner said in the comments that the fish was not hurt in the video.

    "My Summer really loves his fish friends," she added. "He is so gentle to them sometimes I think his teeth are made of sponge."

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