‘Mad dog that must be killed!’ Furious Dutch lash out at EU – ‘We’re cash point of Europe’

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Derk Jan Eppink, a Dutch MEP and member of the European Conservatives and Reformists group in the European Parliament, took to Twitter after the EU’s €750billion coronavirus rescue plan, which includes €390billion in non-repayable grants which will go towards countries in the south of the block worst hit by the pandemic, chiefly Italy and Spain. Referring to the biblical figure who led his people out of Egypt, Mr Eppink claimed the case of Mr Rutte, the reverse was the case.

He said: “Prime Minister Rutte turned out to be an ‘upside-down Moses’.”

Mr Eppink, who is calling for a referendum in the Netherlands on the terms of the deal, also shared a more detailed assessment in which he said: “Once again it appears that we are the ATM for the EU.

“I have said this in every debate in the European elections last year.

It’s a mad dog that just needs to be killed!

Sjoerd Visser

“Then I was laughed at. Only a year later it became a reality.”

His post attracted more than 200 comments and retweets, with many supportive of Mr Eppink’s stance – as well as highly critical of the EU.

Speaking about the bloc, Sjoerd Visser said: “It’s a mad dog that just needs to be killed!”

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Oscar Stolk added: “Rutte reminds me of General Montgomery after ‘The Battle of Arnhem’.

“It was a lousy demise for the Allies, but Montgomery stated that the goals were 90 percent reached.”

Another Twitter user added: “These agreements are so intensely bad for the Netherlands, among others.

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“Surrender unanimity, absurd common debt orgy and EU taxes, that it will cost Rutte his head in the upcoming elections.”

In reference to Mr Rutte’s own People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, the poster added: “He and the VVD will not get away with this in the current crisis time. Ruxit!”

Another agreed he would pay a price at the ballot box, saying: “He smiles again and thinks that I have really caught those Dutch people again.

“Well Rutte hopefully they will vote your party away with the elections.”

Meanwhile Fred De Hoogh asked: “Where have the men of steel gone who made our country great?

“Wooden ships, steel men. Steel ships, wooden men.”

Another poster said the move assured Mr Rutte of an unwanted place in history, saying: “With this action has definitively thrown Wim Kok from the throne as the worst prime minister ever.”

Meanwhile Others thought the EU was simply storing up more problems further down the line.

One said: “The prediction came true corona crisis was conceived as an alibi to save the sick banks that have built up a huge debt and that would cause bank and country to go bankrupt, it has been postponed again until escalation follows.”

Another, Carsfield, claimed: “The system is simply broken.”

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