Man decapitates mum and sets fire after Holy Spirit said she was the devil

A son is accused of decapitating his own mum in front of his six-year-old nephew and setting fire to her house to cover it up.

Lionel Justin Gore, 34, is said to have killed his adopted mother Diane Gore and then set her on fire because ‘the Holy Spirit told him to as she was the devil'.

Cops were called to reports of a fire at Diane’s house in New Matamoras, Ohio, USA, around 6:20pm on Friday night, where they were met by her sister, Stephanie.

She told officers a bloodied Gore had come running out of the house screaming: “Get out of the way or I’ll kill you next.”

Gore’s six-year-old nephew told detectives he saw the murder accused on top of Diane sawing at her neck with a knife.

The terrified youngster stated Gore had started with a small knife before turning to a much larger one.

The boy scrambled to safety as flames spread, the Marrieta Times reports.

Diane was found in a bedroom and Gore was caught after a short police chase.

The paper reports he allegedly drove into two police vehicles before being taken into custody and transported to a Wetzel County Hospital.

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Detective Sgt. Scott Smeeks said he and Detective Lt. Bryan Lockhart interviewed him at the hospital.

The paper says he eventually told them: “I cut her head off and set her on fire.”

The sheriff’s report notes Gore said he killed Diane because the Holy Spirit told him to as she was the devil.

State fire investigators found the victim’s head severed from her body and laying beside her torso, which is consistent with what the juvenile witnessed and to what Lionel admitted.

Washington County Prosecutor Nicole Coil told the paper that he was “likely looking at murder, arson and child endangering charges”.

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