Man sues hospital for amputating his leg after signing ‘wound repair’ form

A fuming bloke who went to hospital with an injury on the sole of his foot says he woke from his operation to discover that hapless medics had hacked off his left leg without his permission.

The Thai man is demanding compensation and claims he was duped into signing a “wound repair” form so he could undergo further surgery – without being told the form contained such drastic action that everything below the knee would be amputated.

In fact, the unnamed patient has gone as far as to allege dodgy doctors added an extra clause right at the bottom of the document that read “cut off left leg” after the operation had already taken place.

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But after an initial lawsuit against the healthcare providers failed when a prosecutor approached by an investigating officer decided to not take it further, he contacted top legal experts from the Lawyers Council of Thailand to see if they could help.

He has accused the hospital of being negligent and reckless whilst caring for him and says they caused him serious damage.

An official lawsuit against the doctor who removed his limb seeks a charge of “negligence causing serious harm”.

Top lawyers Pricha Senpanich and Naron Asa have been sent to probe the claims by the President of the Lawyers Council under Royal Patronage, Wichien Chubthaisong.

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The pair will investigate the facts and contact experts in medical negligence to see if their claimant is likely to be successful in suing the medical institution.

They didn’t specify the exact compensation demands that would be claimed should their case be successful.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only allegations of poor medical practise that have been flying around recently – earlier this week, an unlucky woman had two kidneys nicked by a dodgy doctor after she visited the medic to get her uterus surgically removed.

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