Man terrified to open locked door of evil hidden in basement

A man described the moment his life “turned into the plot of a horror story” when he discovered a door hidden in his basement. Reddit user u/BlurghUsername told how he moved into a new home and, when exploring the property, found the door blocked off by a metal cabinet. To his horror, he found the blocked-off door led to another room in his property.

He explained on Reddit that the previous owners of his new home “blocked this hidden basement room off with a shelf”.

The user added that the door “does not lead outside”, piquing the curiosity of others on the forum.

Several others begged him to investigate further, asking him to “solve the mystery”.

One user chanted “OPEN IT OPEN IT OPEN IT OPEN IT”, while another quipped: “What’s inside? Probably the previous guy’s internet browser history.”

Most commenters believed some unknown horror lurked behind the door, but this made them no less eager for u/BlurghUsername to investigate.

Another user said: “Obviously go through the door! You gotta see what’s back there!”

But he outright refused, saying that even his dogs appeared unsettled by the discovery.

The homeowner told subscribers to the r/creepy subreddit that horror movies had taught him the “questions posed are always scarier and more interesting than any answer I could get out of it”.

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He initially concluded: “So that motherf****r is stayin closed.”

He eventually relented to the forum posters and declared that he would reveal the room’s interior.

The user said: “I’ll open it when I get home from work everyone, dang it!!”

But in typical Reddit fashion, he was never heard from again, with no response more than four years after the initial post.

His last comment was posted in 2019 when he responded to a commenter asking when he would return home and peer inside the doorway.

The user said: “Almost! About an hour and a half!”

Unfortunately, he never concluded the investigation, and left some people fearing the worst.

A desperate commenter asked the original poster to “please respond to the comments or give us an update”.

They added: “I’m worried about you and everyone else is dying to know what’s behind that door.”

Another concluded that “something definitely happened”, theorising that they were distracted by events in their daily lives.

Others feared the worst, with several people returning for closure but becoming convinced something had happened.

One user asked: “Like wtf is this guy really done for from the door of evil?”

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