Man who ‘killed cats’ forced to eat poo as animal lovers serve up justice

A man who has been accused of torturing and killing cats was forced to eat poo by animal lovers.

The man – identified only as Lee, an office worker from the Suzhou region of China, in local reports – allegedly abused and killed the felines and shared harrowing footage of the attacks on social media while posing as an animal rescuer working to save abandoned pets.

One eagle-eyed viewer from overseas saw a video of Lee claiming to be on his way to adopt a kitten and raised the alarm, alerting a dozen cat lovers from across China to answer the call to track down the animal killer.

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And in a move that would rival the hit Netflix series Don't F*** With Cats, six members of the group then reportedly managed to trace Lee to a shopping centre on February 25.

There they ambushed him, with some members of the group holding him in place while others slapped him and questioned him about his

One video taken of the altercation sees the man supposedly admit to killing five cats at one point in the assault, which is understood to have carried on through the night.

Footage also captured his bruised face with blood dribbling into his mouth from a cut on his bottom lip.

The animal justice warriors then seemed to smear faeces around Lee's face, thought to be either cat or human poo, although it was not clear from reports where the poo had come from.

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He was then reportedly forced to kneel before the group as they covered him in poo and forced him to eat it.

Suzhou Police have said they have launched an investigation into the incident and are taking the matter seriously, adding both Lee and those involved in the attack would be dealt with

There has been speculation that the attack was carried out by members of the Suzhou Small Animal Protection Volunteers Association, a non-profit group that works to protect stray animals.

But the organisation reportedly took to Chinese social media site Weibo to say it would not do something that extreme.

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