Man’s office haunted by ‘ghost of a Cheerio’ in utterly bizarre security footage

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A man has claimed that he is being “haunted by the ghost of a Cheerio”.

Michael Jones, founder of Brain Fizz VR, tweeted video footage from his laboratory's Nest security camera which showed a very odd looking floating squashed circle floating in the air.

He tweeted: “Just got a 'Motion Detected' alarm on the internal cameras at BFVR Labs that watch over the room-scale space

“Apparently, I am being haunted by the ghost of a Cheerio. I honestly have no idea what that is.”

And giving an update this morning, he added: “First thing I did today – the Nest camera just sits on top one of our 220v breakouts, and I couldn't find anything on the floor or on any of the boxes/equipment along that wall.

“I have to assume it was a bit of spider web or fibreglass insulation.”

In a later tweet, he also clarified that no trigger was made on the room's “seismic sensors”, and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems were off at the time.

Twitter users took turns to guess what the random flying circle could be.

Daniel Fearon wrote: “The Invisible Man wearing a sweatband. He sneaks in to play VR fitness games while you’re not around.”

And several users guessed that it was the “ghost of the Oculus logo”, poking fun at the not-very-popular Oculus virtual reality headsets made by Reality Labs.

And Jules McCloud took a more pragmatic view to the strange sighting.

She tweeted: “It looks like it moves closer to the camera. It might be dust falling from the ceiling in an unusually choreographed dance… but a dancing ghost seems like a nice addition to any environment.”

The video has been viewed more than 3,680 times, but the actual identity of the mysterious item is, as yet, unknown.

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