Mariupol siege heroes to be tortured and executed by vile Russian troops

Fears are mounting over busloads of hero troops from the Mariupol steelworks siege, with many reportedly set to be executed and tortured by Russian soldiers.

Nearly 1,000 exhausted and wounded Ukrainian troops were believed to be sent straight to a Russian-held penal colony in Olenvika in the east of Ukraine.

UN and Red Cross officials who had helped broker the end of the gruelling 82-day siege were battling to force the Russians not to renege on their prisoner-swap promise.

Olenvika has been described as a "21st century concentration camp" by some sources who say that the wives of soldiers and former government workers have been starved or tortured there.

Other troops stationed at Mariupol could face an even worse fate and be sent to Izolyatsia Prison in Donetsk, where reports suggest vile Russian FSB torturers are waiting.

It is feared that the FSB are preparing to greet captured Ukrainian troops and siege heroes with mock executions and sexual violence, The Sun reports.

Russian-backed rebel forces say that a total of 962 Ukrainian troops were removed from the plant, with many put on buses and shipped off to one of several Russian-held prisons or penal colonies.

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Vladimir Putin's allies in the Russian parliament and his brutal Chechen warlord cronies yesterday (Wednesday, May 18) called for the "Nazi" member of the Azov group to receive the death penalty at a war crimes trial.

Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the Russian parliament, said: "Nazi criminals should not be exchanged. They are war criminals and we must do everything to bring them to justice."

The capturing of nearly 1000 Ukrainian troops comes after Russian president Vladimir Putin reportedly removed two top military brass from their positions in the Russian military.

Daily Star reported that a colonel and vice admiral had been removed from their positions following failures during Russian operations in the war in Ukraine.

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