Mayor tells locals stay at home to keep Covid at bay – during holiday in Mexico

A mayor told locals stick to coronavirus guidelines and stay at home – while on holiday in Mexico.

Steve Adler, the Democratic mayor of Austin in Texas, the US, delivered the message on November 9.

He said: “Our numbers are increasing and everybody has to be aware of that and we need to, you know, stay home if you can.

“Do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down. This is not the time to relax.”

He later admitted to US TV station KVUE that he was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with a group of people for his daughter’s wedding.

However, Adler claimed that he did not violate his own rules or those set out by Governor Greg Abbott and ensured the safety of his guests, taking measures such as rapid coronavirus testing.

When he recorded the video, Adler was on holiday with eight people after flying from Austin on a private jet.

Two days earlier, he hosted a wedding and reception at a hotel in the US state for his daughter with 20 guests.

At the time, gatherings of more than 10 people were not permitted in the state, The Texas Tribune reports.

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The mayor spoke with Austin’s top health authority Dr Mark Escott and held the event outdoors, with guests required to get a coronavirus test beforehand.

Adler said in an interview this week: "It's not perfect. Obviously there are infections that could happen.

“But what we did was stay compliant with the rules."

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He also released a statement Wednesday, December 2, part of which read: “Several weeks ago, when my daughter cancelled her planned wedding to replace it with a Covid appropriate more private ceremony and when my family traveled, we consulted with health authorities and worked hard to model the kind of behaviour I’ve asked of the community.

“We were in a lower risk “Yellow” level than now. It is always safest to stay home. However, we aren’t asking people never to venture out. We ask everyone to be as safe as possible in what they do.

“My family and I are no exception and we’ll continue to do as I ask of our community.

“During Thanksgiving and as anticipated for Christmas and the New Year, we should all be especially mindful."

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