Meghan Markle told to step up as name and royal associations not enough

Meghan Markle has been told to step up her efforts by a royal expert who claims her "name and royal associations" would not guarantee backing in business.

Following the cancellation of a proposed animated series named Pearl, which was to follow the life of a young girl influenced by women through history, a royal expert warned Markle's name alone was not enough.

Royal expert Robert Jobson believes that The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry must up their game if they are to make the most of post-Royal Family life.

Jobson believes that to keep their multi-million dollar business deals, the couple will have to rely on more than name alone.

Citing recent staff layoffs at California-based Netflix, Jobson said: "Netflix has certainly caught a chill. And so too have wannabe be multi-millionaire film producers Meghan and Harry.

"One of the first high-profile casualties is Meghan Markle, who along with Prince Harry signed a multimillion-pound deal with Netflix in 2020. Her animated series Pearl has been officially axed."

Meghan was set to be executive producer of the series, but it will no longer move ahead following recent Netflix layoffs.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to be in freefall after the axing of their series deal, which Jobson says is an important marker for the couple needing to be worth more than their name alone.

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The "lucrative Archewell deal" is still in place, Jobson says, with a documentary following Harry during his time at The Hague and attendance of the Invictus Games set to release, Daily Mirror reports.

Jobson said: "But the cancelling of Meghan’s series proves one thing – their name and royal associations alone, doesn’t guarantee backing in the ruthless world of showbiz.

"Will Netflix demand more royal tittle tattle, from the prince and his wife? Are they prepared to sell-out even more? Only time will tell.

"But after much publicised chats with Oprah and others, surely, they have exhausted their bombshell royal revelations by now."

The Daily Star has approached Meghan Markle's representatives for a comment.

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