Meghan Markle uses technique to ‘command’ attention, says speech expert

Meghan Markle used her skills from her acting career to "command" attention when public speaking, according to a communication skills coach.

The Duchess of Sussex has been described as a “very natural” speaker by speech expert Max Beaumont.

The coach shared his thoughts on Meghan’s conduct after taking an in-depth analysis of her speech at the launch of Smart Works, a women's clothing line Meghan set up, back in 2019.

Meghan had already given numerous public speeches in her career, even before she got together with Prince Harry, married him and joined the Royal Family.

When she gave her speech at Smart Works, Max could already see she was a talented speaker that may have acquired the skills through her acting.

Speaking during his analysis on his YouTube channel, he said: “She’s good. Maybe it’s her acting experience, it’s her, her skills, whatever it is, she’s good.

“She’s a good speaker, you can tell right away, very natural, the way she’s speaking, it feels like she’s having a conversation with one of her friends or someone in her family. You can tell it’s a natural vibe.

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“Maybe it’s rehearsed? Maybe she went over it? But it’s coming across very real, just like it seems how she would speak on a day-to-day basis.”

Max also noticed how Meghan started the speech by trying to connect with her audience by first apologising for people waiting in the sunshine before talking about the good weather.

Even during her main speech, the expert noticed how Meghan would look around the audience to make sure she was engaging with different people throughout.

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Max added: “Connecting personally and individually with someone in the audience, I love that.

“Meghan is commanding the crowd here, just being her.”

The Duchess and Harry announced they would leave their roles as senior royals the following year after this speech was made.

Since then Meghan’s only public speaking has been done in the US and mainly done on high-profile TV shows with Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan has been using her influence to speak to politicians on causes close to her heart, such as paid parental leave.

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