Met Office confirms Storm Oscar could boost UK toward 30C scorcher this week

Storm Oscar is set to hit Brits later this week, with the Met Office warning it could push the UK toward some near-30C heats.

The country's heat record could be broken by the upcoming storm, with the impact on the country resulting in pockets of warmer temperatures.

"High pressure" coming from the flurry of wild weather woes originating in the Canary Islands has also been confirmed, with Spanish meteorological service Agencia Estatal de Metereología (AEMET) naming the storm which is due to head northwards towards the UK.

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That same pressure will lead to dense air pockets and hotter climates than usual, with an expected rise to 30C expected, reports The Mirror.

Graham Madge of the Met Office source said: "Currently in the UK we have a very large area of high pressure which is very dense descending air, and that’s what’s giving us our largely fine conditions that we’re having at the moment.

"Storm Oscar will be working its way north and will push against that area of high pressure but its progress will be slowed.

"The high pressure is very dense air and it's difficult to budge it effectively."

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If the storm does grip England, it will likely be the southwest receiving the brunt of the rain up until Wednesday, while the rest of the country laps up some warmer weather brought on by Storm Oscar.

Met Office man Madge continued: "The main influence that Storm Oscar will have is not necessarily winds or rain.

"The way the area of low pressure is circulating means that as it draws closer to the UK, it will be pulling up a feed of warmer air coming in from continental Europe which will raise our temperatures."

He has since stated temperatures could be pushing toward 30C, with an "approach" to 28C, "even a 29C" expected "by the end of this week" because of the storm's impact.

Such a rise would see Britain record its hottest day of the year so far, as Storm Oscar is set to bring the best and worst of the weather.

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While parts of the country will lap up the heat, it would seem the southwest is set for storms and humid air rather than a nice collection of warm experiences.

Cooler and cloudier weather is expected in London, with the scorching hot heats set to skip out on the capital.

For those living further afield, the weather should prove to be a treat, with spots of scorching days expected.

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