Met Office issues yellow alerts on both fog and floods

BBC Weather: Fog risk as temperatures plummet

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As Britain welcomes the Christmas season, weather reporter Ben Rich from the BBC has said December will bring about “a colder feel than we’ve been used to of late”. However, today the weather is expected to be much dryer than it has been in the last few days, with only some patchy showers in the north. 

A yellow alert for fog has been issued by the Met Office for across southern and central England as well as southeast Wales.

The fog began this morning at 4am and is likely to end around 11am.

Those travelling to work this morning should be aware that fog could make driving conditions difficult.

There also may be a chance of travel disruption, so those travelling this morning should be aware of bus and train delays as well as the possibility of delays or even cancellations of aeroplane flights.

The Environment Agency has issued an amber warning for several parts of England due to flooding.

River levels are currently high as a result of heavy rainfall and are expected to remain high in the upcoming days.

Twelve locations in southern England are to be affected, including those who live near the River Frome, River Piddle, River Tone, River Yeo, River Leach, River Ray and the Hundred Foot Washes.

The Environmental Agency is closely monitoring the situation for locations affected, but for more information to see if your local area is affected, please visit the Met Office or the Government website.

Amber warnings are more severe than yellow warnings, meaning there is an increased likelihood of bad weather and the weather is more likely to disrupt travel.

Fog may also develop in other parts of Wales, the Midlands, East Angelia, and for a time northeast England.

The fog is expected to be dense and with visibility down to 100 meters, but the fog may lift to become a cloud or just mist.

In northern England and Scotland, there may be some rain in the morning but it is expected to list in the afternoon, while the Highlands will see more rain in the late afternoon.

Most of the country is expected to see sunshine in the late evening, with southern England, Wales and Northern Ireland to see temperatures could rise to around 12C.

However, the cloudy weather could remain in place all day, and may not lift in certain areas in the country, making the weather cold and chilly.

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The fog is expected to slowly clear away on Friday, but mist and fog patches may happen in the morning.

Otherwise, this weekend will be chilly, as showers and damp weather are expected throughout the country.

The wind will be coming from the east, marking a change in the weather as it will begin to get colder.

Next week, the weather will continue to get much colder as well and Aviemore in Scotland has a chance of seeing the first winter snow.

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