Montrealers stuck abroad amid COVID-19 pandemic desperate to come home

The Canadian government continues to urge Canadians abroad to return home, but many, including seniors, remain stranded in different countries.

Some, like Marc Aoun’s in-laws, have been trying all week to find a flight.

“The biggest concern is that we want to be able to get them back home,” he told Global News.

The couple left Canada Feb. 24 for their annual vacation and went on a 23-day trip around Australia and French Polynesia aboard the Norowegian Jewel, a cruise ship operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

According to Global Affairs Canada, there are 347 Canadians on board.  But according to Aoun, things started to go wrong weeks ago.

“As of March 7 they have not been able to dock or disembark at any port,” he said.

He said the couple in their 60s and 70s were scheduled to return to Montreal on Sunday but they were planning to end their trip early.  However passengers haven’t been able to get to an airport, because no country has allowed the ship to dock amid COVID-19 fears.

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