Mother claims Australian police forced her to have caesarean

Police officers threatened to arrest a young mother at her house in Australia after she decided against having her baby delivered via caesarean section. The 23-year-old alleges that doctors refused her the natural birth she wanted for her infant, despite the baby being in good health.

Heather [not the mother’s real name] told Daily Mail Australia that on August 10, 2021, a policewoman and a social worker from the New South Wales Department of Communities and Justice turned up at her Deniliquin home to escort her to the hospital after she refused to have a caesarean section the day before.

She recalled: “I was so tired and just cried with tears streaming down my face.”

Officials have said that all medical decisions had been guided by what was best for both patient and baby. 

Heather said: “They told me I’d have a dead baby if I tried to have a vaginal birth. I was told my vagina was too fat and my baby would get stuck. I knew it was wrong. I know bigger women than me that have had babies,

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“They told me if something was to go wrong they wouldn’t be able to help.”

Heather stated that the authorities expressed worries about the distance between her home and the nearest hospital, suggesting that she might not have sufficient time to reach the hospital when labour pains started.

She disagreed with this reasoning, pointing out that other women from the same town had given birth in Shepparton, which was located 137km away, without having to arrive early.

Heather also said that the policewoman recounted a story about a relative who lost her baby after giving birth on the roadside while en route to the hospital.

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She said: “I knew it was just another scare tactic. The policewoman said I could come willingly but if I didn’t, I’d be handcuffed,

“My main thought was to make sure the kids didn’t see it, so I asked if I could go and get my hospital bag.

“I was petrified. I was terrified I’d lose my kids. I went inside and cried while I finished packing my bag.”

‘I knew it was just another scare tactic. The policewoman said I could come willingly but if I didn’t, I’d be handcuffed,’ she said.

Heather stated that the doctor later informed her that she would have to go to a hospital in Melbourne to have a natural birth.

The doctor also allegedly said that Heather’s children would be taken away from her and that she would have to fight the authorities in a custody battle to get them back.

Heather and her husband agreed to the caesarean surgery despite their reluctance and fear

She said: “It felt rushed. Everything was happening around me and I was just there to witness it. I was so tired and just cried with tears streaming down my face. No one talked to me.”

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