Mum-of-four dragged to her death in car bump start horror as it rolled downhill

A young mum-of-four tragically died in a freak accident while bump starting her car which began rolling uncontrollably.

An inquest has found Kerry Ann Bowers, 29, was killed when the driver's door slammed shut on her as the vehicle smashed into a hedge on June 10, 2021.

The much-loved mother was gripping hold of the people carrier's steering wheel with one hand and the door in her other to push it over a speed bump with her sister.

Once the front wheels made it over the bump the car terrifyingly built up momentum down hill until it mounted the pavement and crushed Kelly in impact with thick hedge grow.

An inquest into the woman from Camborne, Cornwall's death reached a verdict of accidental death on Wednesday, CornwallLive reports.

According to vehicle examiner Mark Richards, an “intermittent wiring issue” forced Kerry and sister Georgia Bowers to bump start the black Ford Galaxy started.

At just after 2pm, Kerry and Georgia were told by their mother – who they planned to meet at a nearby supermarket – to try a bump start, which involves pushing a car to get the engine turning.

Georgia tried to push the car, but the the car’s front wheels were just behind a speed bump on the road and could not be pushed over while Kerry was in the front seat, so she also got out to push with one hand on the steering wheel, stood between the open car door and the driver’s seat.

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The large people carrier was pushed over the speed bump but quickly gained momentum down the road.

The inquest heard from Georgia, who said she car picked up speed while her sister began to be dragged along by the car.

“She was screaming at me to jump over her and get into the seat,” she said.

But by the time she had managed to get into the car, the vehicle had slammed into a thick hedge around 15m away from its start point and crushed Kerry in between the door and the car frame.

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Georgia told Coroner Andrew Cox, who led the inquest: “She kept saying she couldn’t breathe, I said I couldn’t do anything and was talking to her before I got the kids out of the car.

“I waved down a car and asked the driver if he could help.”

Despite the best efforts of paramedics she died as a result of her injuries and she was cut out through the bush by the fire crews.

A post-mortem confirmed Kerry died from being unable to breathe from the incident.

Coroner Cox concluded: "They were able to get the car over the speed bump and developed momentum down hill. At that point Kerry was unable to get back into the car which then mounted the pavement on the opposite side of the road and ploughed into a thick hedgerow.

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“Hedgerow forced the drivers door shut and Kerry was caught in the gap and the door and sadly asphyxiated.

“I struggle to recognise that something so innocuous can have such a devastating outcome.

“I’ve done exactly this myself on many occasions, it’s desperately sad that something so innocuous could.

“This was a deliberate act on Kerry’s part, intended to try and bump start the car but didn't anticipate that it would result in her death.”

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