Mum pestered by late night doorbell ringing realises culprit is alien slug

A woman who was pestered by a phantom doorbell ringer was stunned to discover that the culprit was an “alien” slug.

Lianne Jennings, 35, kept receiving a notification about unusual activity outside of her home.

But when she checked the footage she found an innocent slug sliding over the doorbell's camera.

Full time mum Lianne, who lives in Essex, said: "I'm assuming it's a slug but it looks very, very weird – especially when the luminous thing lights up around his stomach.

"I was in bed and got notified that something at my front door was making motion.

"I was a bit freaked out first and then when I played it back, I started laughing!"

After Lianne uploaded the video to social media, she says: "everybody was messaging me to say that they found it all quite funny!

"When I took my daughter Gracie to school yesterday morning, I did have a look to see if there was a trail but there wasn't anything there."

In the unusual clip, the slug can be seen slowly emerging into shot of the camera from the bottom left corner, its antennas leading the way across the lens.

The night vision setting on the Ring doorbell makes the slug look like it's glowing – leading Lianne's friends to speculate that it could be an alien.

Lianne said: "When I showed my friends, they were a bit freaked out – they gave me the kind of look like they thought there was a ghost or an alien or something.

"That made me laugh because I don't believe in aliens, but considering I saw two little antennae pop up, it was either a very green man from space or a slug crawling on my doorbell.

"I've had the doorbell for about a year now and my daughter found it very funny – she was a bit freaked out when she watched it this morning, she said it looks like an alien slug."

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