Mum who watched partner die for 17 minutes describes ‘worst thing I have seen’

A man whose heart stopped for 17 minutes is lucky to be alive after he 'dropped dead' in front of his partner and kids.

One moment Daniel Turner, 28 and from Hereford, was singing along with his family in the car when the terrifying incident occurred.

He was returning from a christening with partner Elisha Paxton, 25, and their kids in the village of Pendock on August 14.

Thankfully, an off-duty police officer was able to perform CPR before finding a paramedic who lived nearby.

Between them they were able to keep Daniel alive until ambulance crews arrived at the scene, reports Gloucestershire Live.

Elisha has described the shocking moment and said: "All of us, including Daniel were singing and dancing in the car and then he just dropped dead instantly.

"My friend stopped the car and we ran around to get him out of the car. I started doing CPR on him.

"An off duty police officer stopped and took over the CPR but then said he knew a paramedic who lives three doors away from where we were and he went to get him."

Elisha described how she was overwhelmed with shock seeing her beloved Daniel unresponsive with no pulse, screaming at him to "come on Dan".

“It is a bit of a blur, but seeing someone being defibrillated is very much the worst thing I have ever seen in my life," she said.

“I had to step away from him when they shocked him, but the panic, I was telling them not to stop and to do everything they can.”

Daniel was considered a very healthy man and was a builder by trade. The couple met each other three years ago.

Elisha continued: "He was rushed by ambulance to Hereford hospital. I was taken by the other ambulance to the hospital ten minutes later as two crews had arrived. Daniel had had a cardiac arrest.

"The paramedics were so good. They did not want to leave me and stayed with me right up until my mum arrived to be with me."

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Daniel was placed in a medically induced coma but managed to wake up around 16 hours early. He also suffered short term memory loss after the incident and repeatedly called Elisha after he woke up, forgetting that he had just done so.

"He was in the intensive care unit. He had a full body CT scan and a brain scan," Elisha said.

"It is a such a lot to cope with having someone dead in your arms and then to see them awake."

Daniel has now been transferred to a hospital in Birmingham where he is being cared for by one of two specialist electrical physicians in the country. Elisha is not able to visit him due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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The family are incredibly grateful to those who stepped in to help Daniel in his time of need.

Elisha said: "Daniel is a really lucky man. I have reached out and been able to speak to the officer and paramedic who helped Daniel and when he is better Daniel would like to be ale to thank them for himself."

He is currently doing stress tests on a running machine at the hospital and will be having a defibrillator implanted in two days. It is too early to know what the long term implications of his heart condition are.

Karen Blanche, the manager of Bramble Homecare in Tewkesbury where Elisha's mother works, is hosting a fun run today through Tewkesbury High Street to raise money for the family.

She said: "Local businesses have been very generous with overnight stays with the prizes as well as tickets to Cotswold Farm Park.

"We hope people can come along and enjoy the day while we make some money for the family."

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