NASA wages questioned as engineer admits applying for second job at Apple store

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A woman who works for NASA has sparked an online debate after claiming she has been applying for a second job due to needing “more money”.

TikTok user Kelly, who went under the name @sexybabypartygirl before deleting her account overnight, is a NASA engineer, and while she said she loves her job, has admitted to applying for a job at jewelry brand Tiffany's part time.

She also said, in a later video, that the Texas-native got the job as an “operations person” at company, but also applied for a job at the Apple store, too.

She said: “I like my job at NASA, we get paid well. I just need a little more money.

“I'm not looking for a new job – like, full-time job – but my rent is high, I have student loans, I have car loans and I like to thrift a lot so.”

The video has been seen more than 3.2 million times.

Although she does not divulge her NASA wage, or, in fact, her cost of living, many in the comments section were shocked that someone who works for such a high profile company would need a second job.

One user wrote: “If someone who works at NASA needs a second job, I have no hope for my future.”

And another user said: “I know y'all think NASA is cool, but it's a government job quite like many others that doesn't pay astronomically.”

Kelly did, however, explain a little more about the need for extra cash, as she wanted to make more money so she could visit her family in Wisconsin.

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She added: “I got my degree in chemical engineering from Wisconsin – would not recommend."

It later turned out that she got both the job at Tiffany AND Apple, but chose the latter, so she is now a “technical specialist at a retail store”

According to a job search done by LadBible, using engine ZipRecruiter, the average annual wage for a NASA engineer in Houston, is $87,880 (£65,362). The national average, meanwhile, is $95,114 (£70,743).

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