Neil Young endorses Bernie Sanders: ‘Every point he makes is what I believe in’

In characteristic fashion, acclaimed Canadian rock legend Neil Young took to his personal online blog over the weekend, sharing a lengthy political statement with his fans.

This time, however, it wasn’t aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump.

Instead, Young, 74, issued an enthusiastic endorsement for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the Vermont-based Democratic Senator.

“I support Bernie because I listen to what he says. Every point he makes is what I believe in,” the Heart of Gold singer wrote on Saturday, re-iterating, “Every one.”

Young — who recently became an official U.S. citizen — proceeded to commend Sanders, 78, for standing for “the American future.”

Asking his fans to join him in supporting Sanders, he wrote: “Stand with Bernie Sanders. Stand for the workers, stand for the teachers, stand for the students, stand up for climate justice. Stand for higher taxes on the super-rich to pay for all love the above! Stand for the American future.”

Though Young didn’t explicitly name Trump, 73, he suggested things would have been different if Sanders ran against “the incompetent mess we have now,” as opposed to Hillary Clinton in 2016, during the last election.

Last month, Young called Trump out for the Republic leader’s consistent usage of the his 1989 anthem Rockin’ in the Free World at a number of his campaign rallies.

The Crazy Horse frontman revealed he hopes that when (or if) Rockin’ in the Free World or any of his other songs are played at a rally, that Trump is haunted by his voice.

“Remember it is the voice of a tax-paying U.S. citizen who does not support you,” said Young. “Me.”

In that same post, Young continued to promote Sanders’ campaign. He wrote:

“One of your opponents has the answers I like. He is aiming at preserving our children’s future directly. He is not popular with the Democratic establishment because, unlike all the other candidates, he is not pandering to the industries accelerating Earth’s Climate Crisis, the end of the world as we know it.”

He is truly fighting for the USA,” said Young, adding, His initials are BS. Not his policies. We are going to vote you out and Make America Great Again.”

Young is one of many musicians to publicly endorse Sanders, including the Strokes, Halsey and Chuck D of Public Enemy

The entirety of his recent statement can be read through the Neil Young Archives.

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