NHS hero escapes death after moped ‘tampered with’ as she treated Covid patients

A young hospital staffer has revealed how thankful she is to escape unharmed after her vehicle was 'tampered with' during her shift.

Beth Ashworth, an NHS health care assistant has told how her moped was left outside Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, North Wales, while she worked treating patients yesterday, but soon noticed on her journey home that something wasn't right.

The 22-year-old believes someone tried to steal a part of her moped, but after failing, they left it damaged, reports the Daily Post.

This dangerous move could've easily taken Beth's life if she hadn't noticed her sticking throttle soon into her half-hour journey from Bodelwyddan to Llandudno Junction.

She rang for help and a friend came out to repair the problem but they both suspected foul play.

Beth said: "I don’t mind (the thief) trying to steal my bike. What made me angry was the condition they left it in.

"It was a good thing I had the intelligence to look at the throttle. I go down some nasty A-roads to go home and I could have been killed."

The NHS worker had started work at 7.30am yesterday and finished at 3pm.

She had been looking after orthopaedic patients with some recovering from nasty falls and some also having Covid-19.

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But when she left work the novice rider didn’t immediately notice anything was wrong with her Lexmoto Matador 125 moped.

Then half a mile into her homeward journey, she noticed that the right wing-mirror was facing the ground so she pulled over near St George.

"I checked the throttle to see what that was like and realised that the throttle was sticking."

She rang a friend who got a mechanic to come out.

Beth said: "He was pretty sure that while I was in work someone had tried to steal the throttle unit.

"They had tried to rip off the big plastic fitting to get to a screw to unscrew the throttle unit. That’s why my wing mirror was facing down."

The kind mechanic fixed the problem sufficiently for Beth to ride home while he followed her in his van as a precaution, with Beth explaining that he wouldn’t accept payment from her.

"It was brilliant of him," she added.

The incident has been reported to North Wales Police.

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