NHS staff will ‘see their own colleagues die’ as coronavirus spreads

NHS workers will start burying their own friends and colleagues if the coronavirus pandemic is not contained, a former Labour advisor has warned.

Ayesha Hazarika made the comment on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine show this morning as the panel were discussing the video of an exhausted nurse sobbing in her car after being unable to find food in supermarkets.

She told host Jeremy and guests Nicola McLean and Andre Walker: "They [NHS staff] are just incredible. The work they do and they will be absolutely working around the clock.

"And if this thing does take off, the things they will see, they will end up having to bury their own colleagues as well, they will see their own colleagues some of them may die."

Fears have been raised in recent days that NHS workers are not being given enough equipment to protect themselves from those infected.

A total of 3,269 people have been tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 144 patients dying as of today.

Matt Hancock, the health secretary, has said letters to 65,000 NHS retirees are going out in a "call to action", adding "your NHS needs you".

He said that the government is currently "doing everything we can to protect lives" based on expert advice, and the measures "must be timed to maximise effectiveness".

To help battle coronavirus, the NHS has listed the two main symptoms of coronavirus as a high fever and a new, continuous cough.

BBC Radio 2 yesterday shared an audio clip of what a "coronavirus cough" sounds like and what other symptoms people should look out for.

BBC's Laura Foster explained that the cough should be dry with no mucous or phlegm.

"There's basically no gooey substance in your tissue. And this is not the odd cough here or there. It has to be coughing regularly for no other reason, such as clearing your throat or smoking," she said in the audio clip.

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