Nightmare-inducing insect the size of a broom fell from horrified bloke’s roof

A stick insect the size of a yard broom was spotted and snapped by a courageous Australian who found it in his back garden.

Queensland homeowner Brendo Kerridge found the Titan Stick Insect on the floor of his garden and said it had fallen from his roof.

"He was in the Lilly Pillys after landing on the roof", Kerridge told Daily Mail Australia.

TItan Stick Insects are the largest variety found in Australia, measuring as much as 25cm in length.

Yet the one captured by Kerridge was even larger.

"Maybe even 35cm", he added.

The nation of terrifying animals produces dozens of horror stories like this each year, but an insect bigger than a classroom ruler is even more striking than usual.

Hordes of cannibal mice have terrorised farmers in New South Wales during 2021, with PETA pleading with the irritated landowners not to kill the horror creatures.

Meanwhile 'sea wasp' box jellyfish up to 10 feet in length carry dangerous toxins on each of their 15 tentacles.

Most people stung by the nightmarish sea creatures die or go into shock and drown.

Jellyfish stings rarely kill, but many deaths are thought to go unrecorded.

If you can escape the threats of stick insects, cannibal mice and jellyfish, giant venomous centipedes made up of 27 body segments could be waiting for you.

The 6 inch-long insects are among the biggest in the world, supporting 23 pairs of legs.

The giant centipedes wrap their heads around prey and inject them with venom, enough to kill a large animal quickly.

The eerie animals snack on worms, snails and other insects.

The UK is much less threatened by nightmarish animals like these, with false widow spiders spotted in autumn among the scariest species on our islands.

But any news about the latest creatures seen in Australia will have Brits counting their lucky stars.

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