North Korea blasts UK as strangler of human rights in latest bizarre outburst

The UK and US have been branded as “stranglers of human rights” in a bizarre new outburst by North Korea.

It comes in response to the countries actions in Afghanistan – which was recently taken over by the Taliban.

In a new statement the regimes foreign ministry also slammed Australia and accused the three countries of conducting "crimes against humanity".

Countries including China, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela were similarly outraged, according to the foreign ministry.

Ironically, all four nations along with North Korea – are on the UN’s list of the world’s 10 worst human rights abusers for 2020.

But the way the tantrum culminates could prove a disaster for Kim Jong-un.

The statement concludes: “There are no statutes of limitations for crimes against humanity and the criminals who have violated human rights would never evade the stern judgement of international society.”

Kim Jong-un stands accused of 10 internationally-recognised crimes against humanity – and the statement seems to admit that he will never escape the risk of prosecution.

Sung-Yoon Lee, a Korea analyst with the Fletcher School and Tufts University, called it an “unassailable self-indictment”.

He said: “Kim Jong-un is a trillionaire, His whole kingdom, as decrepit as it may be, is his own. He's a lot richer than Donald Trump.

“But he cannot travel freely – one concern is that he may be physically apprehended while travelling abroad, even though it is a minuscule risk.

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“At the same time, Kim Jong-un is the world's leading candidate for indictment for crimes against humanity.

“Hence, the foreign ministry's ‘no statute of limitations’ statement brims with irony.”

Dr Lee also reiterated just how absurd it was for North Korea to lambast others given their record on human rights.

“It is, according to a landmark 2014 UN study, the world's worst violator of human rights,” he said.

“It is the only industrialized, literate, urbanised state in history to have undergone a famine.

“North Korea remains one of the least food-secure nations in the world today. Why, when it has nukes and a literate, industrialised economy?

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“Because the regime uses food both as a spear with which to extort international aid and as a shield to protect itself against criticism.”

“Hypocrisy never deterred a mass-murdering terrorist state,” he added.

North Korea issued its diatribe amid the backdrop of the botched international withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The statement reads: “It is clearly shown that the US and the western countries, though they advocate ‘protection of human rights’, are the stranglers of human rights.

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“They are mercilessly trampling upon even the right to life – the basic right of human rights – and [for] that they receive unanimous denunciation from international society.”

A second statement from the regime’s foreign ministry accused the US of presiding over “complete pandemonium” in Afghanistan while dismissing criticism of its own human rights record.

Three renowned international jurists, including Navi Pillay – a former UN high commissioner for human rights, called for Kim Jong-un’s prosecution in a 2017 report.

The report, which was based on testimony from survivors of North Korea’s prison camps, found evidence to prosecute for 10 of the 11 internationally-recognised crimes against humanity.

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