North Okanagan gun shop seeing surge in sales

Business has been brisk at a North Okanagan gun shop of late.

The reason? Coronavirus concerns, according to the owner.

In an interview with Global News on Friday, Dave Brown of Eagle Industries Ltd. In Vernon said people who are watching the news see the panic buying that’s going on at grocery stores.

As a result, he said whether the grocery store shortages are real or imagined, gun owners are looking to potentially defend their families and food stores from others who aren’t stocked.

Brown also noted that those coming to buy firearms and ammo at his business are regular residents, and that he has yet to see someone buy a stockpile of items from him.

“Nobody’s buying large-quantity purchases,” he said.

“What we’re dealing with is people who say they have a .22, a shotgun, a hunting rifle, so they’re buying one or two or three boxes of each round for each firearm that they legally own.”

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