Northerners party and drown lockdown sorrows as Boris Johnson plans pub closures

Northern and Midlands revellers were out in force last night on one last session ahead of plans by Boris Johnson to close pubs again.

Drinkers headed for bars and clubs in a 'beat the lockdown' frenzy, despite 10pm curfews being in place.

Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle city centres were rammed with partygoers as the North awaits the restrictions, according to The Sun.

Pictures show people getting their final rounds in as a three-tier lockdown is expected to be introduced by the Prime Minister on Monday.

Experts say the move, which will see hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants closed down, is needed to curb soaring infection rates in virus hotspots.

But city leaders have begged the PM not to go ahead with the restrictions.

The curbs will reportedly mean a ban on overnight stays outside the home in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Nottingham currently has the highest infection rate in England, which has risen from 158.3 per 100,000 to 760.6 cases per 100,000 people in the seven days to September 29.

Knowsley has the second highest, surging from 391.1 to 657.6 per 100,000, while Liverpool is in third place, where the rate has increased from 419.0 to 599.9.

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Scotland has already closed pubs and restaurants in the central belt for 16 days after a steep rise in cases.

The PM will announce the dramatic new restrictions, which are set to plunge 10million northerners back into lockdown, on Monday.

They will be placed in the third tier of the Government’s streamlined new lockdown system.

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  • Leaders in the affected areas claim current restrictions are "beginning to work".

    A major study revealed Covid infections are doubling every fortnight in the Midlands and Yorkshire – twice as fast as the rest of England.

    Across the country, there are now 45,000 new cases daily across the country, according to Imperial College London experts.

    The UK recorded 15,166 new cases yesterday as deaths rose by 81.

    • Drinkers spill out into the streets as 10pm coronavirus curfew empties pubs

    Infections have nearly tripled in two weeks – with a total of 590,844 people now having tested positive for the killer bug.

    And worrying new figures show an increase in hospitalisations with 3,225 Covid-19 patients in hospital in England as of Saturday, up from 2,194 a week ago.

    The PM hopes the new three-tier system will simplify the current patchwork of measures, which local leaders have labelled confusing.

    • Boris Johnson to make statement about new three-tier lockdown plan on Monday

    Areas with a low rate of infection will be placed in 'Tier 1' – where only national restrictions such as the Rule of Six and the 10pm curfew on hospitality venues will apply.

    Regions in 'Tier Two' will see a ban on home visits and indoor socialising with other households.

    And 'Tier Three' will see the most serious measures – including a total closure of the hospitality sector and a ban on overnight stays outside the home.

    But MPs and local leaders in the North have lashed out at the PM over the prospect of new restrictions.

    Ministers have been accused of using data from just 98 pubs to justify the shutdown of tens of thousands of venues in these regions.

    One MP claimed the Government has “cobbled together” statistics to shutter pubs and restaurants, putting the jobs of thousands on the line.

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