Nova Scotia announces 6 new coronavirus cases, shuts down dentist offices

Nova Scotia announced on Saturday that they’ve identified six additional cases of COVID-19 in the province, and have taken new measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The total number of cases has now climbed to 21, nine of which are confirmed and 12 of which are presumptive.

Individuals afflicted with COVID-19 in the province now range in age from late-teens to mid-70’s.

Health officials say all of the new cases are travel-related, and that one patient who was hospitalized for treatment has now been released and is recovering at home.

One of the other confirmed cases in the province has now been hospitalized.

Saturday will also see a new measure come into effect in the province, with dentists no longer allowed to practice dentistry in their offices unless it is deemed necessary to perform an emergency procedure.

Nova Scotia says that is an order made under the province’s Health Protection Act.

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