Only one Royal shows Charles any affection – and it’s not Camilla or the Queen

Neither Prince Charles’s mother nor his wife show him much affection in public, but there is one member of the royal family who can be quite “touchy feely” with the future king, says celebrity body language expert Judi James.

The Royal Family tend to be quite traditional in style, with few expressions of emotions in public – or even in private according to some reports.

You will rarely see any obvious signs of affection from Her Majesty the Queen or the Duchess of Cornwall but there’s one member of the family that can be relied upon to greet Charles with a loving hug.

The Prince’s niece, Zara Tindall, was seen throwing a fond arm around him as they met at Royal Ascot on Tuesday.

Judi told the Mirror: "With the joy and the stress of the Jubilee behind them the royals grouped and gathered at Ascot. Charles appears to adore his rather funny, naughty and spontaneously tactile niece Zara and the feeling seems to be mutual."

Judi continued: “She is the only woman to be able to perform a PDA on this veteran royal and that includes both of his wives. Zara always throws an arm around her uncle’s shoulder and winds it around his neck, where she will keep it".

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"Their greeting kiss was nose-to-nose with what looked like a peck right on the lips," said Judi. "Zara is famous for her displays of affection but you might expect a more reserved Charles to duck or draw away, but far from it.

“His eyes wrinkle in fond delight and his chin raises as he places a reciprocal hand on Zara’s back."

By contrast, the prince’s interaction with Princess Beatrice was altogether more distant.

"Beatrice might be leaning in to kiss her uncle on the cheek but there is little sign of warmth in her facial expression as she does so,” Judi noted.

"Her right-hand reaches out to touch his arm,” Judi adds, “but it is a distanced greeting”.

Zara shows herself to be the peacemaker, “smiling at the scene as though encouraging some displays of warmth and relaxation."

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