OnlyFans star refuses to swim in the sea at night because she’s scared of sharks

One OnlyFans stunner has revealed she is so terrified of sharks she no longer gets in the sea once the sun has gone down.

Fresh from a wild week at Coachella, OnlyFans star Gabrielle Epstein is getting back to her beach baby roots with a series of Instagram snaps that take her around the world one beach at a time.

But only during the day. The PrettyLittleThing brand ambassador says she is careful about swimming at night because, she told her 2.3 million Instagram followers, “sharks are nocturnal feeders & hunt at night”.

Shark experts say that the ocean predators' timetable is a little more complicated than that, but Gabby has picked up that scary snippet of information from watching Shark Week and now she’s convinced.

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The Australian-born model is rarely off the beach as she promoted her PrettyLittleThing swimwear line. But she says she prefers uploading her photos to OnlyFans rather than Instagram because of what she describes as a “double standard” when it comes to nudity.

“We are all human, we are all born with bodies and we should not be taught to be ashamed of how they look in a natural state,” she told Maxim.

“There are plenty of photos of men without their shirts on showing their nipples but the fact that mine can be covered and a photo still gets removed creates a very toxic double standard,” she added.

Gabby is, of course, absolutely right. But she’s wrong about sharks.

Most sharks appear to hunt at twilight, rather than later at night. Night-hunting sharks tend to be the ones that prey on crabs and other small reef animals.

It’s thought that these smaller sharks are more active at night so they can avoid larger predatory sharks that cruise the shallow waters during the day.

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Most of the larger sharks that can be dangerous to humans tend to be most active in the morning and evening.

Sharks never actually sleep, in the way that land animals do, because they need to keep swimming in order to keep water moving through their gills, however they do appear to go into slower “rest” states from time to time

But Gabby’s right about one thing; it’s not a great idea to go swimming in the dark, because if you do get into trouble there’s less chance of being spotted by a lifeguard or someone else that can raise the alarm.


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