Parking worker caught ‘pleasuring himself’ in car while owner was in Mallorca

A fuming bloke says he wants to sell his £21,000 car because he reckons a parking attendant pleasured himself in the front seat whilst he was away on holiday.

Nick Slater was horrified when he checked his dashcam footage after coming home from a trip to Mallorca and reportedly caught the airport worker pulling his trousers down and watching porn.

Although the recording only filmed in front of the vehicle, Nick says the audio is all that is needed to prove the sex act took place.

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The 27-year-old teacher, from Cardiff, told The Sun: “He didn’t realise it but he was being recorded as he sat in the driver seat of my car."

He fumed: “When I played it back, I could hear him pulling his trousers down, then porn from his mobile along with his heavy breathing and other sounds which gave away what he was doing.

“It’s a disgrace, I've had to pay to have it cleaned myself.

"I’m thinking about selling it. It’s a bit like having your home burgled.”

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Nick also claimed his car had clocked up some extra miles whilst he was soaking up the sun in Spain, and says a wire was pulled out of the dash-cam as if someone had tried to disable it.

Parking firm A38 Meet & Greet, located in Bristol Airport, say they gave Nick a full refund after he demanded his money back and a full valet.

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A staff member from the company later told the news outlet that one of their employees had been fired because of the incident.

But they claimed there was no concrete evidence of the sex act and said in a statement: “I have seen a video and you can’t actually see any evidence of what he was doing.

“I have offered the customer a full refund.”


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