Partygate was bad for Boris but I got paid to get drunk, brags BoJo lookalike

You might think that lookalikes live in fear of their famous doppelganger getting the sack, but that isn't always the case.

One delighted Boris Johnson impersonator has revealed that, although it was bad news for the Prime Minister, the partygate scandal turned out to be great for him as he 'got paid to get drunk'.

39-year-old Drew Galdron, who goes by Faux BoJo on social media, has been impersonating Johnson professionally for nearly 12 years now.

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Speaking to the Daily Star after the Prime Minister resigned from his position last Thursday (July 7), Drew explained that when Boris' luck is out, his is often on the up.

He said: "It has been more busy [since the resignation]. There has been work bookings that people have suddenly wanted out of nowhere.

"Just when he’s in the news generally [work picks up], certainly it can be when things are bad for him."

In January, the Metropolitan Police launched investigations into 12 gatherings of government and Conservative Party staff held when Covid restrictions did not allow them.

Amid rumours of booze, cake and Christmas quizzes, 83 people – including Johnson, his wife Carrie and Rishi Sunak – were slapped with fixed penalty notices.

"Any major story to do with him can always bring on a new cliché for me," Drew explained.

"As much as I feel my own opinions are against the questionable nature of Downing Street parties, the fact that he’s suddenly associated with parties has meant that I got quite a few bookings for parties.

"That couldn’t have been better for me as in that particular sense I’m rather young at heart and, not only do I love a good party, I love turning up to a good party when I’m getting paid for it."

With Johnson soon to be out of a job, Drew says he's been told "about 400 times" that he'll suffer the same fate.

However, he has "contingency plans" and isn't ready to let go of the opportunity to be paid for boozing.

He said: "I am hoping to do tours around the Westminster area, we’re thinking of something along the line of pub crawls. I’m looking for a Winston Churchill impersonator for that.

"And I’m planning BoJo: The Musical, for which I already have a lot of material."

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Drew has had an act with satirical or parody songs since 2017, one mainstay being the Jungle Book-inspired King of the Bungle.

"Naturally, in recent weeks I had to exhibit myself with the Dream Girls number And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going)," he said.

"I’m just introducing into my routine now Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles. We’re expanding it all the time."


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