Pilot screamed ‘oh s***’ as plane came crashing to ground killing all on board

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The last words of a pilot who crashed a private jet into a street in the US have been revealed after the tragedy killed everyone onboard.

On Monday the Learjet 35A, a business jet for up to eight people, is reported to have disintegrated after hitting the ground in the Bostonia area of El Cajon.

Air traffic control audio has been released from the jet as it captured the final words of the pilot.

In the clip, he is heard screaming "oh s***! Oh s***!" moments before the crash.

The audio was from dialogue between the flight and air traffic control as controllers cleared Runway 17 for the plane to land.

Just moments before his final words, he makes a request to switch to Runway 27 instead.

The controller responds: "IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) cancellation received. You can overfly the field, make left traffic, Runway 27 Right, Runway 27 Right, clear to land."

However, the plane got into difficulty in rainy conditions as it prepared to land at Gillespie Field, a county-owned airport.

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The plane crashed on Pepper Drive prompting evacuations of residents for a short period.

Speaking to the New York Post, Fire Chief Don Butz said: "There is very little left of the aircraft. We weren’t able to find any survivors."

The flight had left John Wayne Airport in Orange County earlier that day and was headed for Gillespie Field.

It is believed that four people died in the crash, according to authorities speaking to the Times of San Diego.

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Local residents said they heard a loud noise as the plane hit the ground.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, resident Suzie Mercadante was walking her dog when she described seeing "a blue streak and then a giant big orange ball".

No resident was injured in the crash with only one home that occurred some damage from debris, as power lines also suffered damage to cause power outages.

According to FlightAware.com, the plane is registered to Med Jet LLC of El Cajon, which is an air ambulance company.

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