‘Playing with fire’ China issues new warning to Taiwan after meeting with US allies

China: Expert discusses fourth Taiwan air defence zone intrusion

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China issues fresh warning to Taipei over joint Taiwanese-American patrol of east coast. The report from Asia comes after the Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing voiced its concerns about a joint operation in the South China Sea.

The Chinese claim they have “taken note of relevant reports” and added that Taiwan’s governing party, the Democratic Progressives, are “playing with fire”, according to Taiwan News.

The Government in Taipei denies any joint patrol occurred.

But they did confirm the two nations engaged in inaugural Coast Guard talks on Wednesday.

These talks were held remotely.

During discussions the two parties discussed illegal fishing and rescue operations.

Taiwan News stressed Taipei’s Foreign Affairs Ministry did not name China.

Instead, their statement called out “illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing”.

The news comes as local outlets report seven warplanes from the People’s Liberation Army entered Taiwan’s air defence area on Thursday.

China said it did so after unconfirmed reports suggested a French frigate sailed through the area.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence said the PLA deployed both Y-8 electric warfare aircraft and the Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft.

Taipei’s military reacted by monitoring the movements of Chinese aircraft.

Tensions between Taipei and Beijing also boiled over in Europe earlier this week when Lithuania’s ambassador became embroiled in an argument about whether Vilnius would establish reciprocal diplomatic offices with Taiwan.

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Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry responded: “While regretting this move of China, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry takes this opportunity to reiterate that in line with the One-China principle Lithuania is determined to pursue mutually beneficial ties with Taiwan like many other countries in the European Union and the rest of the world do.”

Taiwan subsequently lauded Lithuania’s “resolute will”.

Just 15 nations currently consider Taiwan as an independent sovereign state.

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