Police dog escapes barracks to say final emotional goodbye to retired officer

A police dog has melted hearts online after video emerged of the disciplined pooch refusing to part from his handler.

Niuniu, a military-trained Labrador, has been "administratively separated" from his retiring handler Yun Qihai and cameras managed to capture the final time they met up.

The touching video, posted on Anhui Armed Police's Douyin account, shows the white-haired dog chasing after Yun and three other officers.

Niuniu stays by Yun's side and even bites onto his carrier bag as he follows him towards a police van.

Yun kneels down and pads the pooch's head for the last time before his commander gives the order: "Niuniu, stay! Head back!"

Th pooch drops his head and turns around while the team marches forward.

But Niuniu can't bear the separation and runs past the security at the barracks to chase after the police van.

Dog lovers commented that it was tough for them to watch the pair being separated.

One said: "The dog must be very depressed. He is going to miss his handler a lot."

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A second commented: "It's equally heartbreaking for the solider. You see, he is not turning around to look at the dog when they are about to get on the van."

"I'm crying, why can't the soldier take him home?" a third asked.

But some said the police dog should behave like a soldier and maintain a strict discipline.

"He is a fighter, he's got to follow rules," a viewer wrote.

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Earlier this year, an off-duty police officer paid a surprise visit to his retired police dog and the canine "cried" during the short reunion.

A police spokesperson explained that in most situations, retiring officers are not allowed to bring the service dog with them.

He added: "Police dogs are generally well fed at the training centre but our officers could not dedicate their time to play or exercise with retired dogs."

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