Postmans epic football skills go viral as he flicks ball into a trampoline

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Incredible CCTV shows a postman who has "still got it" after he effortlessly kicked a football on his rounds and booted it into a trampoline.

The footage, recorded on July 24 in Bolton, shows postman Charlie Flaherty walking down a garden path with his arms full of mail.

A lad called Connor is throwing footballs from inside a netted trampoline and one of the balls bounces off the wall of the house just as Charlie is pushing the mail through the letterbox.

Charlie spins around and kicks the bouncing ball once up into the air and then deftly boots it a second time.

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The ball then flies with expert precision back towards Connor who – to his own credit – catches it neatly in his hands.

Connor's mum Ally uploaded the clip on Facebook with the caption: "Ha what a shot from our postman today."

The clip was watched 5,000 times on the social media site but then went viral with 700,000 views and 40,000 likes when it was shared on Twitter by Charlie.

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He tweeted: "As a postman, you never stop delivering. Still got it."

One person commented: "Fairly impressive that tbf [to be fair]. Sadly I’d have probably kicked it onto the road and caused untold damage."

A second user joked: "As a postman myself, had a few stray footballs come my way too.

"I keep it simple though, nice simple pass back with the side of the foot.

"No time on my duty for fancy flicks like that."

"I'm a postie and if I did that I’d be on my a***," said someone else.

Charlie explained that he had no idea his football skills were being filmed on CCTV and was surprised at the attention.

He quipped: "Genuinely got in from work and my neighbour was like there’s a video going round on Facebook off you, I thought the worst."

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