Potential 43C warning after warmest night on record sparks train crash fears

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Brits have been warned of temperatures could hit an excruciating and dangerous 43C after the 'warmest night on record'.

The Met Office has confirmed what millions of knackered people in the UK will have woken up thinking today (July 19), but there is to be no let up just yet.

UK weather forecasts show the nation will get hotter before cooling off again with the mercury predicted to reach in some regions, a staggering 43C which is expected to draw the country to a standstill.

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Never mind applying sun cream, simply stepping outside is one of several things medical experts are advising against while Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has urged Brits to "apply common sense", explaining train tracks will feel like 70C.

"Where those tracks are 40 degrees in the air, on the ground that could be 50, 60, 70 and more," Mr Shapps said. "So you get a severe danger of tracks buckling, what we can't have is trains running over those and a terrible derailing."

In a tweet, the UK's national weather service announced: "It has provisionally been the warmest night on record in the UK.

"Temperatures didn't fall below 25C in places, exceeding the previous highest daily minimum record of 23.9C, recorded in Brighton on 3rd August 1990."

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A graphic accompanying the tweet showed the highest overnight minimum temperatures recorded were 24.5C in Aberporth, west Wales, 25.8C in Kenley, in the London Borough of Croydon, and 25.9C in Emley Moor, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Hospital A&E departments across the UK are already at boiling point as patients suffering the effects of the brutal heatwave overflow through the doors.c

The heatwave death toll of young people has tragically already made it to ten fatalities largely from drowning in unfamiliar waters while trying to cool off.

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Just like Victorian era railways, the NHS is not equipped to cope under such conditions, according to Miriam Deakin, the interim deputy chief executive of NHS Providers.

She said: "Hot weather spells intensify pressure on the NHS, increasing demand for urgent and emergency care and causing disruption to some planned care.

"People with underlying conditions, older people and children tend to be most at risk.

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"And while there have been additional steps put in place to increase ambulance capacity, ambulance trusts will be under significant pressure as the number of 999 calls can be expected to rise.

"The NHS estate is not built to cope with extreme weather. Over the past 48 hours we've heard that some trusts are having to scale back the number of planned surgeries as operating theatres are getting too hot."

A total of 10 people have drowned since the heatwave began, although it has not been confirmed that all of those have been due to the heat.

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Following a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee, health secretary Steve Barclay added that there will be an even greater surge in 999 calls for ambulances on Tuesday.

Luton Airport has closed due to the tarmac on the runway melting.

Maintenance crews can been seen with water trucks cooling down the surface of the airport. Passengers pack out the terminal as the flights are now beginning to operate again but now face a lengthy delay due to the closure impacting flights.


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