Prince Georges body language oozes confidence as he feels part of the team

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    King Charles III marked his coronation with a series of family portraits – including one with his two heirs, Prince William and Prince George.

    The new monarch was pictured between his eldest son and his grandson in Buckingham Palace’s throne room on May 6 following the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

    But a body language expert claims that while nine-year-old George feels like “one of the team”, Dad William looks “slightly tense”.

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    Inbaal Honigman, a celebrity psychic and body language expert, believes the posed portrait is unnatural and speaks of the artificial nature of their relationship.

    They explained that while the royals may not have chosen their positioning themselves, it still speaks of their roles and feelings.

    Honigman added: “The right hand is that of action and giving, the King's right hand is holding the sceptre, which symbolises power and authority.

    “His firstborn son is by his right side, which shows that William is his right-hand man, the one who will take action if the King cannot.

    “The left hand is that of emotion and receiving, the King's left hand is holding the orb, which symbolises spirituality. His beloved firstborn grandson is on that side.”

    Assessing the new King, Honigman claims Charles appears relaxed and at ease..

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    “His mouth smiling softly and his eyes only lightly focused,” they said.

    “A look at his fingers reveals that he grips the coronation regalia very lightly, which shows that he is not stressed, he feels ready, comfortable in his role”.

    Whereas they claim Prince William appears “tense” with his fingers “rolled up into a light fist”.

    Honigman added: “This tells us that he's slightly tense, perhaps apprehensive about his new role as second-in-command.

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    “His smile is broad, but a tad stiff, and doesn't quite reach his eyes, meaning that it's not a full and genuine smile of happiness, but rather a smile of attentiveness, he's ready to listen to his subjects.

    “William is not excessively stressed, but he's standing to attention, prepared to focus on his new responsibilities.

    “He's leaning towards the King very very slightly, showing that he's ready to support him, but also prepared to stand on his own two feet within the monarchy when required.”

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    Regarding nine-year-old Prince George, the expert claims the young royal is comfortable and relaxed in his role.

    “His hands are softly perched, showing that he's not tense, and he sees his public duties as a part of life”, they commented.

    “His smile is sweet and genuine, not a child's posed, taught smile. He's leaning towards the King and Prince William, which tells us that he feels like he's part of the team, ready to support them in whatever way they require.”


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