Prince Harry compared to Alan Partridge over his reading of Spare on audiobook

Prince Harry has found him and his audiobook reading of Spare compared to that of comedy legend Steve Coogan's character, Alan Partridge.

Tweeted out from the Accidental Partridge account was an extract of the Duke of Sussex's book, prompting hundreds to like the tweet and plenty more to mock the recording.

Plenty of Partridge quotes were offered up in reply, while others were left stunned that the audiobook extract was in fact a real and genuine article from the memoir, Spare.

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It comes as the Prince is mocked for his anagram, a very Partridge-like presentation, of an editor's name he had "committed to memory".

The extract from Spare's audiobook says: "I asked him to remind me, what was the editor's name? He said it and I committed it to memory. But in the years since then I have avoided speaking it. And I don't wish to repeat it here.

"Spare the reader. But also myself. Besides, can it possibly be a coincidence that the name of the woman who pretended I entered rehab was a perfect anagram for 'Rehaba Cooks'.

"Is the universe not saying something there? Who am I not to listen? Over several weeks, who the hell is this editor? Loathsome toad, I gathered.

His reading, which spares no detail, has since been compared to that of Coogan's legendary comedy character, North Norfolk Radio host, Alan Partridge.

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It sparks images of Alan Partridge, lying on a hotel bed in his pastel green shirt, tape recorder in hand and up to the mouth talking about Jet from Gladiator hosting a barn dance, as one quote from the show offered.

It seems the Duke of Sussex was one "a-ha!" away from complementing the charms of Coogan's comedy, as fans of the comedy character and Accidental Partridge's Twitter account took in the recent clip.

One user referred to a previous comedy book released under Partridge's name, Nomad, and wrote: "Funnier than 'Nomad'? It's a close call."

Another added: "Chapter 34 and 13 hours left, Jesus Christ."

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