Prince Harrys US visa may be in trouble after Spare drug use bombshells

Prince Harry may find his US visa revoked after revelations about his drug use were aired in Spare, the Duke's bombshell autobiography.

A legal expert believes that the truthful Duke may have paved a way toward losing his right to reside in the United States because of his book.

Others however have said that the Duke of Sussex should be fine, so long as he does not find himself in prison for any other reason in the future.

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Despite this, legal expert and former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani has said there is "no exception" for recreational drug use, royal or otherwise.

Speaking to PageSix, the former prosecutor said: "An admission of drug use is usually grounds for inadmissibility.

"That means Prince Harry’s visa should have been denied or revoked because he admitted to using cocaine, mushrooms and other drugs."

The Duke had previously revealed in his bombshell memoirs that he had taken cocaine, marijuana and mushrooms, experimenting with psychedelics well into his adulthood.

It would appear though that Harry ditched Class A cocaine when he left his teenage years, with Daily Star reporting the round-up of drugs the Duke had taken, and the one that "really helped" him through tough times.

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In a conversation with Dr Gabor Maté, the Duke of Sussex revealed that marijuana was the most helpful drug of all those taken.

Speaking at the time on his drug use, the Duke said: "It was more of a social thing, and I guess trying to get a sense of belonging, for sure. Marijuana is different, that actually did help me."

But attorney James Leonard has said the Duke may find himself in no trouble at all over such admissions, unless he "got arrested or if he got a DWI".

He said: "Any criminal charge related to drugs or alcohol or any finding by a judicial authority that Prince Harry is a habitual drug user, which he clearly is not, I don’t see any issue with the disclosures in his memoir regarding recreational experimentation with drugs."

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