Princess Diana’s cheeky greetings cards sent to King of Greece go up for sale

A set of raunchy cards sent by Princess Diana to the King of Greece have been put up for auction, and are expected to fetch up to £5,000.

The pair of cheeky cards were signed by Diana herself and were sent to Constantine II, the last king of Greece.

Both cards have sexually suggestive cartoons on the front, with punchlines printed inside.

One card has a cartoon of a naked man standing by a tree with “Adam came first…” written on the front.

Inside, the set-up is followed by “…Men always do!”

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The second card shows a naked woman in front and tells a similar joke, with the sentence “what’s the definition of a perfect man?” written on the front.

The joke is followed up with the punchline: “"A midget with a 10" tongue who can breathe through his ears!"

Both of the cards include messages from the People’s Princess herself, written in black in that reads "Dearest Tino, fondest love as always, from Diana" and "Dearest Tino, lots of love from Diana."

The second card has an additional message in Diana's handwriting that reads: "I couldn't decide which card to send & then thought you'd enjoy both!"

Constantine was first cousin once removed from Prince Philip, with both being descended from King George I of Greece.

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Prince Philip and Princess Diana were godparents to Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (born 1986), the youngest son of Constantine II and Anne-Marie of Denmark.

The listing on Dominic Winter Auctioneers reads: "The reason for sending these cards, other than as a bit of fun, is unclear as the cards do not celebrate a birthday, Christmas or christening.

"Diana must have seen these cards and thought of Tino before buying and sending them, possibly inspired by a conversation they had had at some social gathering."

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