Prison lags hire twerking dancer to perform at Christmas party held inside jail

A party for prisoners who were treated to raunchy dancing from two young women is being investigated after footage was leaked.

The party, held on Christmas Eve, went viral after prisoners from the Brazilian jail filmed the festivities on their mobile phones.

Footage reveals a twerking dancer wiggling her bum to music in a prison after inmates reportedly hired her and another woman to perform for them to celebrate the festive period.

Three inmates have reportedly been transferred to other jails and an employee has been fired after footage of the illicit party at the Public Prison of Goiana, Pernambuco, was shared online on December 24.

The footage shows a bare-legged young woman gyrating to a 'favela funk', Brazilian hip hop style, beat to the enjoyment of the inmates at the prison.

The camera later pans to an MC overseeing the party on the mic and another young woman performing identical dance moves as inmates leer and cheer enthusiastically from the sidelines.

Another man, possibly an inmate, can also be seen in between the women trying to imitate their raunchy dance moves.

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It is believed the inmates hired the MC and dancers, whose identities were unknown at the time of reporting, to perform for them.

How long the party went on for that day and the number of prisoners involved is also unknown.

The inmates at the prison, which houses 105 convicts, inadvertently incriminated themselves by filming the party on their mobile phones.

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An unidentified public sector worker has since been sacked from his job at the prison after the authorities identified him as one of those involved in organising the bash.

Authorities have also carried out an inspection of the facility so that any illicit materials brought in during the party could be seized.

The local police will reportedly look into the incident further to determine whether any other employees were at fault for helping to host the wild Christmas Eve party.

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