Putin forced into huge change over war vehicles after Ukraine attack

Fire in Russian mobilised camp in Tomsk

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Vladimir Putin has suffered yet another huge blow after Russia was reportedly forced into a huge change over their transport of their war vehicles following an attack by Ukrainian forces. Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked railway facilities in Melitopol and the surrounding areas in southeastern Ukraine, forcing Russia into a change of tactics. Putin forces have now stopped ferrying vehicles directly through the city and now the train with T-62 tanks battle tanks have now arrived at the Sokologornoye station of the Genichesk district in southern Ukraine.


Russian claims hundreds of Ukraine troops killed in missile strike at vocational school denied

Officials at a vocational school in eastern Ukraine have destroyed claims from Russia that hundreds of Ukrainian troops were killed in a missile strike there.

They have insisted a rocket simply blew out windows and damaged classrooms.

The Russian Defence Ministry had said its missiles hit two temporary bases housing 1,300 Ukrainian troops in the city on Saturday, killing 600 of them.

But Yana Pristupa, the school’s deputy director, dismissed claims from Russia of hitting a troop concentration.

She told the Associated Press on Monday: “Nobody saw a single spot of blood anywhere. Everyone saw yesterday that no one carried out any bodies. It’s just people cleaning up.”

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