Putin humiliated with invasion in tatters as Ukraine takes back city 21 miles east of Kyiv

Ukraine: Shopping mall in Kyiv struck by Russian shelling

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Troops launched a series of offensives on the Russian invaders in recent hours which allowed them to reoccupy defensive positions 35km (21 miles) east of the capital. It comes as a sign that Ukraine may yet turn the tide of the war as Russia’s military flags.

A Ministry of Defence briefing this morning relayed the recent successes of the Ukrainian armed forces.

It said the move will allow Ukrainian forces to push toward Hostomel Airport – which was captured by Russian forces in the opening phase of the war.

Ukrainian forces have been defending Kyiv from a Russian attack, believed to have come from Belarus, since the war started over a month ago.

Despite missile bombardments, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has remained in the capital and both military and civilian fighters have held off the siege.

The Ministry of Defence said Ukrainian troops were able to pounce with such impact because Russian forces were “falling back on overextended supply lines”.

Putin’s invasion has not gone as he originally planned, as intelligence chiefs believe the Russian President expected a swift takeover of the Donbas followed by victorious retreat.

Reports of disorganisation and miscommunication within the Russian military that have emerged suggest the Russian advance has been splintered.

Russian troops have also come up against a hostile civilian population, which have been shown attacking incoming convoys.

As estimates put the number of Russian losses at around 10,000, Russia has reportedly been forced to send old reservists and young recruits into the conflict.

At the start of the month, a supposed Russian security services whistleblower wrote that the operation had been an organisational “clusterf***” since the start.

The FSB source – whose account was confirmed by other intelligence sources – added: “The Blitzkrieg failed. It’s entirely impossible to complete the job at this point.”

They claimed that the service’s management had pushed for reports and analyses to be rushed, and were pushing for reports to be written “in a tone that implies victory”.

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Ukrainian intelligence was also able to disclose the death of a key Russian general because news of it was relayed by

Russian agents over a standard phone line, as Russian troops had knocked out the 3G towers they needed for their secure network.

On Tuesday, March 22, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said: “We have seen indications that the Ukrainians are going a bit more on the offensive now.”

He added that this was “particularly true in southern regions of Ukraine, including the battlefront near Kherson.
Last week, a Russian-occupied airfield in the region was pictured by a satellite with huge billows of black smoke.

This week, further images showed Russian helicopters that had been on the airfield had disappeared, believed to have been towed away by the Russian military.

The office of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, said on Tuesday that fighting had continued at the airport, which had been hit by a “powerful blast”.

However, there is still fierce fighting in parts of southern Ukraine, with the city of Mykolaiv still under heavy Russian attack.

The Ministry of Defence said Russian forces were still “attempting to circumvent” the city near the Black Sea “as they look to drive west” towards the port city of Odessa.

Even so, this push was “being slowed by logistic issues and Ukrainian resistance”, the briefing said.

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